10 PCS 12V connectors Electrical connectors Automotive Wire strip light Cable

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Input voltage: 5-24V DC

-No Soldering

-NO Need To Strip Insulation Before Connection.

-NO Need To Twist Nor Tape The Conductor.

-Conductor Of Wire Is Not Exposed During Connection.

-Made Of Flame Retardant Material.

-Easy To Use & Time Saving.


-Colour (Up/Bottom) Red/Black

-Rated Standard IEC/EN 60664-1

-Over voltage Category EN I III

-Reusable Yes

-Rated Voltage EN 5-24V

-Rated Current EN 5A

-Minimum Cross Sectional Area 0,34 - 0,75 mm²

-Workable Wire Type Solid wire/Strand wire 22-18# AWG

-High-precision copper(Cu)

-Normal Working TEMP. -35 -+80℃

-Flame Retardant Level UL94v-0

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